COVID-19 Responses: Our Vision

Khadiza Tul Qubra Binte Ahsan,

the founder of WeMen View, explaining our vision of work in this crisis.
Our gratitude to 'The Queen's Commonwealth Trust' for featuring us.

“Since our general operations have stopped, we have started working online and making our resources available online, so that we can still help from home.”
Meet Khadiza Ahsan, founder of WeMen View in Bangladesh.
Due to the pandemic, Khadiza had to pause recruitment operations and refocus WeMen View’s efforts to support those most vulnerable in the community, including transgender and Indigenous communities.
Learn more about the work of WeMen View and hear Khadiza’s advice for other young leaders navigating organisations during CV-19.

[From the official Facebook page of 'The Queen's Commonwealth Trust']

COVID-19 RESPONSES: Community Service

Relief for Less Privileged Women

“During lockdown, most of the girls parents have lost their livelihood who earn it by working as transportation workers, shopkeepers at different markets, small business, domestic help etc. I personally have received calls from girls who said they didn’t eat for a day or two. Alhamdulillah today I have managed to provide emergency relief for families funded and arranged by one of the best youth voluntary organization, WeMen View referred by my dear junior Azdika Afsana . “ - excerpted from Nayeema Mahfuja’s status.
And with this we were able to provide for first 100 families. None of this was possible without your help and we are grateful for that.
We are grateful to Gift For Good and Mithun Das Kabbo to allow us to work with them.

Relief for Transgender Communities

During this pandemic we are reminded every moment that we are for each other. With financial aid from WeMen View and information provided by TransEnd and Tashnuva Anan, Gift for Good reached out to some families in Dhaka city's Transgender community at Jatrabari, Bedey Community at Ati Bazar and middle income families at Shonir Akhra with necessary supplies.
Youth Movement and Sanzida Akhtar helped the whole team with distribution. We thank everyone to stand beside us during this crisis.

Relief for Transgender Communities in Khulna

Food packages distributed in Khulna amongst the Transgender community. With financial aid from WeMen View through the help of Gift for good.

Relief for Indigenous Communities

People of the Garo ethnic group identify themselves as "Mandi' - which means people। A part of their community does manual labour works in Dhaka City and a lot of them usually contribute with their labour through rickshaw-pulling. With everyone's help Gift for good and WeMen View have helped Garo families. WeMen View has always been there fighting for equality regarless of gender, religion and ethnicty and shall be there in the future. In any circumstances, WeMen View will always be there to stand beside the people who need help.

Relief for Less Privileged Families

Helping with daily goods to some less priviledged families in Uttarkhan and Mirpur.
And with this we were able to provide for a lot of families. None of this was possible without your help and we are grateful for that.
We are grateful to Gift For Good and Mithun Das Kabbo to allow us to work with them.

Our Partners for Community Service

These organizations are the ones WeMen View has teamed up with in this pandemic for serving the community through Gift For Good. We are grateful for the opportunity and looking forward to even more ventures and social contributions together.

COVID-19 RESPONSES: Online Awareness

Hygiene Maintainance & Social Disatancing

Staying home is the best way we can contribute to flatten the curve. Our carelessness could lead to a deadly consequence. As citizens, it is our duty to help and respect the work of the doctors, nurses and every frontline officer fighting at the hospitals and in streets for our safety.

Quarantine Self Care

With every passing day the situation around us is deteriorating but that shouldn't stop us from taking care of ourselves and family. A sound body and mind will help keep our immune system strong. Click the icons below to get elaborate suggestions from Team WeMen View. Share with us in the comment section below, what is your act of self-care!